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it looks like a lot of work and effort was put into this cartoon, which is kind of a shame. This isn't nearly as well thought out as leo and satan and honestly i don't think there is a single joke in here. it is literally the bare bones of humor, with flailing appendages to pass of as "funny". This is what people accuse spongebob of being when in actuality, a lot of effort and love is put into each script. I feel like this was concocted in about an hour with the intent of making it entertaining through the animation style. The animation is clearly good, you dont need me to tell you that, but there is nothing else.

why is it even halled hellbenders? is there even 1 reference to religion in this? are you just calling it hellbenders because weird/stupid things occur around these two characters? or that they are sinful? am i taking this too seriously? am i not SUPPOSED to take writing in a childish cartoon seriously.

really dissapointed, 2 stars for the animation and sound, but that script needs to "burn in hell"

...get it? ha hah.

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this was just totally pointless, which would have been fine but it wasn't funny either.

so, how are the jokes in this movie in any way related to the game? you could have applied everything you did here to anything else, and guess what, it still wouldn't have been very funny.

you didn't even give the duck the trademark animal crossing speech impediment (ie "are you fishing HONK i love fishing HONK")

in fact the only things that clue you into the fact that this is supposed to be about animal crossing are the music and the characters hat.

seriously, why did you even bother?

that's just silly

alright, the animation isn't really that fantastic but i realize that was the intention, however it being simplistic did not help the fact that you were really just pulling things out your ass. which might have been funny but I can't say you have a very vivid imagination.

wow that sounds really negative, so lets make this less personal and break this thing down:

3 - as i said it's pretty simple, but simple can be good. simple can be creative and funny. it is neither in this case. it seems you were uninterested in doing anything but animate your story, it felt very static and lazy.

0 - note i had to stop the movie when you started going on about how the guy ate the icecream truck, christ, stop that, it's not funny.

voice acting:
5 - you have a very expressive voice, i would suggest you start with a script next time, you could do some very comical stuff, especially for cartoons

you could have done with some background music also, and maybe tone down the voice volume just a tad, i feel like you are screaming into a mic.

congrats on daily second.

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kind of a shameles rip off of cut the rope don't you think? and the main mechanic is really clunky and tedious.

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yeah, this is really annoying

i was really enjoying this game until level 10, when it dawns on me that strategy isn't enough in this game. you have to know what the enemies are going to do, how EXACTLY to defeat them, and the odds are against you.

i must have tried this level about a hundred different ways, i couldn't take the 'really large life form' i couldn't take the small life form, i couldn't kill the enemies, the cards were stacked.

it's a shame because i was really enjoying this game, and i'm really not one to rate a game low because i couldn't beat it, i feal if i lose, i should have known why i lost. this game gives little to no instruction, it wasn't until i looked at the walkthrough i realised what i was SUPPOSED to do...

how am i supposed to figure these things out, it's obvious to YOU, because you MADE the game, give me some instructions please.

a bad combination

annoying AND boring. i'm really trying to understand what you were going for, i mean i've seen a lot of mediocre games saved by a good story, or a big statement, but as far as i can tell this game has neither, so i'm a cloud...

the gameplay is just... wow. it might not have been so bad if you moved faster but you justify that later by making me move millimeter by millimeter just to get that next cloud. and annoying! more then a few times i had a bunch of my time wasted, trying to make my cloud mass perfect, only to slip the finger and have it ruined.

yes i know this is precision gameplay, but it's still REALLY bad. why? because it is, maybe it's not a gameplay trait worth persuing, or maybe you need some variety, or maybe you need SOME kind of gimmick to make this game in the least bit interesting, the nifty backgrounds just don't cut it.

but i'm being really hard, this is why you get a 4/10, even though the weird music gets a teensy bit repetitive, it is pretty appropriate for this game. it split both ways, on one side it's calming and ambient, like the gameplay, but on the other hand it has this ominous presence as though something really big is on the way, which appropriately IT IS!

and i do like the art style, say what you will about the game itself, the art is neat, i've always had a soft spot for the 8-bit retro look, and i will admit the backgrounds do look pretty cool.

so bottom line, this game isn't bad enough to make me hate your guts, i'm interested to see what else you do. so keep up the... work, and i hope your next attempt is a bit more ambitious then this.

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really excellent!

my only beef is that i wish it could be longer! i mean i can almost hear the next part.

good job man!

man this was awful

it wouldnt be such white noise if you could at least hear what the lyrics were... or are they not the point?

no i think i do get it... the joke wasnt funny.. ever

this is akward...

not the song...

this song keeps me calm, during the harshest of days, and has put peace and tranquility where it belongs, it has filled the air with the warmest of breeze and has saved my life quite a few times...

it is the most amazing thing ive ever heard, and i pray that you make more like this one... please...

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i love this purely for the number of people its going to piss off. Those people are ones whose family members went to the vietnam war. While it does suck that those people suffered the shit they did. The vietnam was a totally pointless one, and america (the people) supported that shit.

that should always be an open wound for the amount of damage that war did. I hope this pisses off ALL the people who have family members in Afghanistan, yet another stupid, pointless war.

those people are the vets of tomorrow; fuck those people.

thats pretty cool!

well done my friend!

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captain america

i cant remember when the captain America movie comes out, but i do know that the red skull is the villain, so no your not THAT old.

god i dread the day my old Pokemon encyclopedic knowledge becomes obscure and old timey.

good stuff!

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