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kind of a shameles rip off of cut the rope don't you think? and the main mechanic is really clunky and tedious.

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yeah, this is really annoying

i was really enjoying this game until level 10, when it dawns on me that strategy isn't enough in this game. you have to know what the enemies are going to do, how EXACTLY to defeat them, and the odds are against you.

i must have tried this level about a hundred different ways, i couldn't take the 'really large life form' i couldn't take the small life form, i couldn't kill the enemies, the cards were stacked.

it's a shame because i was really enjoying this game, and i'm really not one to rate a game low because i couldn't beat it, i feal if i lose, i should have known why i lost. this game gives little to no instruction, it wasn't until i looked at the walkthrough i realised what i was SUPPOSED to do...

how am i supposed to figure these things out, it's obvious to YOU, because you MADE the game, give me some instructions please.

a bad combination

annoying AND boring. i'm really trying to understand what you were going for, i mean i've seen a lot of mediocre games saved by a good story, or a big statement, but as far as i can tell this game has neither, so i'm a cloud...

the gameplay is just... wow. it might not have been so bad if you moved faster but you justify that later by making me move millimeter by millimeter just to get that next cloud. and annoying! more then a few times i had a bunch of my time wasted, trying to make my cloud mass perfect, only to slip the finger and have it ruined.

yes i know this is precision gameplay, but it's still REALLY bad. why? because it is, maybe it's not a gameplay trait worth persuing, or maybe you need some variety, or maybe you need SOME kind of gimmick to make this game in the least bit interesting, the nifty backgrounds just don't cut it.

but i'm being really hard, this is why you get a 4/10, even though the weird music gets a teensy bit repetitive, it is pretty appropriate for this game. it split both ways, on one side it's calming and ambient, like the gameplay, but on the other hand it has this ominous presence as though something really big is on the way, which appropriately IT IS!

and i do like the art style, say what you will about the game itself, the art is neat, i've always had a soft spot for the 8-bit retro look, and i will admit the backgrounds do look pretty cool.

so bottom line, this game isn't bad enough to make me hate your guts, i'm interested to see what else you do. so keep up the... work, and i hope your next attempt is a bit more ambitious then this.

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who cares?

how am i supposed to rate this game? it seems you have almost gone out of your way to make this uninteresting.

im a fan of retro style looking graphics, but even this feels a little lacking. you've deliberately not used color, everything is in shades of zipitones. the graphics really are the bare minimum, and the objects scattered around are uninteresting to say the least. the main character is a skip and a jump away from stick figure, but i'd be willing to forgive that if there was any kind of gameplay here.

hey gameplay? where are you? you wander around looking for shinies which in a sense build upon sort non-linear storylines but not really, and then you end the said story lines by searching for, and then entering a portal.

this is not gameplay this is every bit as boring and tedious as searching for my car keys when they've gone missing. but lets continue...

sound, the mind-numbing thumping of your characters feet, the whistle of the wind and.. is that a didgeridoo?

im sure your storyline is very nice, but in the end it still comes down to wasting lots of time looking for little specks on the ground... not very interesting.

i've played your other games, they were a lot more interesting then this...

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are you kidding?

listen this is an ok game, its not anything special... ive seen quite a few like it.

theres not much you could do to improve it.. its a weak concept to begin with, but if you honestly think people are going to pay money for upgrades in a flash game, your out of your mind... and i really hope no one does.

that might sound cruel but that seriously got to me, the only reason i played past the first level was for the prospect of upgrades, that sounds weird yes, but when i realised you wanted MONEY, REAL MONEY FOR THIS???!

well as much as it doesnt reflect on my mediocre score for your mediocre game, it did cheese me off.

hope you make a good game someday, but i still wont spend money on it when you do

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i was really enjoying this game, i really was, until i got the whale...

i go through the whale which proved to be a challenge, and get the wizard, so i was like "ho shit, i better lay an egg"

but it didnt matter that i had layed an egg... when i got killed by the wizard i had to redo the entire whale again...

..so i gave this game the benefit of the doubt...

btw i was feeling pretty bad about that fish with the hat getting zapified... but any kind of emotion i was feeling for this game washed away when i failed to defeat the wizard for about the third time, which partly wasnt my fault since i decided to skip the cutscene, my controls seemed to be no longer working...

if your going to set up a rule, such as when you are able to continue the game... you need to follow it through... otherwise... not bad... that pissed me off though

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i really dont like how this one starts off, it makes no sense whats so ever to go through the planet to go to the moon, also even though i beat the game in like 2 days i never did figure out which way im supposed to be pulling the hedgehog for launch.

the first one took me quite a bit of my time and was very entertaining, but this was just such a dissapointment, way too easy, it is so easy to stay in the air, so therefore you make money like mad.

i stayed in the air so long once i got tired of it and tried coming down, and i found it harder to do that then to stay up!

thus i made like 1,000,000$ bought everything and beat the game...


i am really impressed

underneath the rough exterior there was a interesting little game here, and although i admit i didnt beat the game.. i found it to be entertaining to say the least, the graphics really didnt bother me at all, i liked the music and it over all seemed pretty solid, well done there lad, a great first step into the community!

Kirfalas responds:

Thank you very much for the kind words. I hope I will continue to entertain the community :)


graphics were good, i love the touch of physics for effect, the game worked and felt right! i cant see any way of improving from this, well done!

oh i get it....

you ARE doof! oh man, is my face red... yeah, uhhh that anoying advertising isnt going to promote your site, its going to piss people off... i noticed that that loading bar, isnt really a loading bar, its a set time limit for us to sit there and watch your stupid DOOF logo, thanks a whole bunch, im going to make it my BUSINESS now, NOT to visit your website,

why dont you take a hint from armor games or kongregate... they made a really non-intrusive logo, that takes about 3 seconds....

your games are no where near as intuitive enough to show some cheesy ass logo for like 30 seconds...

good luck...

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ive been here a few years now... and im only just figuring life out

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