Entry #4

The Imortal Princess

2009-01-10 04:49:03 by pvt-blasto

finished fifth panal, i didnt notice how messed up the story was on this news post... all clean now! :)

once upon a time there lived a LOVELY princess, who was fairer then most, and she lived in a beautiful castle

one day an old wizard knocked upon her castle doors and asked kindly if he might do the princess a kindness. she allowed him admittance and whence inside the wizard offered a spell which could do anything!

the princess of course refused this spell, for she already had all that she needed to be happy...

the wizard grew angry and threatened if she did not accept his spell that he would give it to her by force!

she thought long at hard but in the end, there was absolutely nothing she needed to be any happier.

the wizard grew furious at this, and cast the spell on the princess; she would be forever trapped inside her immortality and would be happy forever, living a life, stretching to obsene heights above any mortal man.

centuries past, millenia, eons, and eventually the wizard returned to the princess, still as fair as could be, in the remnants of her castle. once a beautiful kingdom, now a boulder, her only constant.

he asked her "what would the princess ask for now?"

she looked at him with dark drowned out eyes, and replied "give me death"...

The Imortal Princess


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2009-01-22 12:14:38

Wow, I would say this is a really nice story, if only it has a different ending than that.

Seriously, "give me death" sounds pretty dull.

But regardless of that, I'm interested in making illustrations for this story.


2009-01-22 12:16:33

On second thought....

That "give me death" doesn't sound so bad. I kinda like it now.

pvt-blasto responds:


its actually part of a bigger story

you've done that... congratz